Westlake International School Malaysia


Boarding Introduction

Welcome to Westlake International School Boarding House – the ideal home away from home where your child can experience the best boarding has to offer.

Nestled among refreshingly scenic hills and lakes in Kampar, WIS Boarding provides a highly conducive environment for focused study and healthy personal development. Boarders gain valuable life skills, including time management, self-regulation and valuable social skills, as they learn to live together in mutual respect and harmony. It’s also a great place to forge lifelong friendships and cherished memories and come out of their experience at Westlake as confident, competent individuals.

Our team of trained Boarding House Parents are available on a full-time basis to provide care and guidance to boarders while facilitating the development of a strong sense of excellence and independence. We achieve this by having a comprehensive, holistic method that encompasses character development and academic progress, supplemented by enriching student lives via athletics and talent development.


Westlake International School is a member of the Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA) UK, which champions high standards of safeguarding and wellbeing for boarders.

Attaining BSA membership ensures Westlake Boarding maintains international standards, and thus, assures parents that their children are well cared for.