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The Cambridge Primary curriculum provides the learning outcomes for the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Global Perspectives, Art, Music and Physical Education. Students have the opportunity to choose to study Mandarin and /or Malay as foreign languages in Primary school.

  • The teaching of English adopts a whole language approach that is anchored in the use of authentic texts to allow students to gain fluency at first language level.
  • The teaching of Mathematics uses the 9 Problem Solving Strategies to ensure students leave primary school with effective higher order processing skills.
  • The teaching of Science follows the Scientific Method of reasoning from Year 1, which allows all students to understand science in real world settings.

As a future focussed school, we have embedded coding, programming and robotics into the primary curriculum. Through our partnership international education provider SCOPEIT, students from Year 1 are on a progressive pathway to develop the lateral thinking skills that will set them up to become producers of content in a digital world. In primary school students have access to school-based tablets, that allow them to engage effectively with technology in the classroom.

As part of our approach to ensure all students meet the intended learning outcomes, the school uses the GL Progress Tests for the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. These international assessments at each grade level provide deep understanding of students knowledge, understanding and application of skills.

Authentic Readers

Scientific Method

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