Westlake International School Malaysia

When our family came to Malaysia, our initial plan was to travel the country and visit many international schools before making a decision. Westlake International School was the first school our family visited. And it also ended up being the last. The clean and relaxing environment, simple lifestyle, and the happy, bright smiles of the students captivated us. For some reason we knew that this is the one. And looking back after three and a half years, entrusting both of my children in this school was an absolute fortune. A blessing, perhaps.

Both my children took full advantage of the classes, extracurricular activities and sports provided by the school. And without any help from outside the school, I was able to see massive growth in both of them. Unlike my first son, the younger son couldn’t say a word in English. But after witnessing not just his linguistic abilities, but his studies improving over time, I could tell that the school is definitely doing something right. The school offered many different programmes and competitions when the time was right, and my children took the opportunity. I believe that any student, if he is eager to achieve, the school can provide the stimulus and support they require.

I was astonished by the skill and efforts of the teachers, after my first son finished his IGCSE and A levels without private tuition. I would like to say thank you to the school, for having such great teachers available for the students. For the longest time, my son has been pursuing his dreams in the field of medicine. And thanks to the support from the school, he was able to receive offers from medical schools in England. The fact that his achievement was possible without any external guidance shows that Westlake’s career support is something else.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, I was forced to return to South Korea with my younger child, entrusting my first son in the A level Boarding House. However, I was not nervous or worried in any way, for he was in good hands of the boarding house parent. He was able to take a further leap into becoming an adult, by maturing and growing in a mini society called the boarding house. He experienced friendship, bond between students and teachers and living in a community. These will all be great assets to him as he becomes an independent member of society.

If you are still wondering if this will be the right choice, I say this with confidence. If you have the will to grow and achieve, you will be able to make the most out of what this school provides. Westlake International School is the definition of ‘minimum cost, maximum output’.