Westlake International School Malaysia

About Us

Leroy Tan, Head Of Boarding

Leroy comes with a background in marketing, beginning his career in Singapore. Thereafter, he transitioned to publishing where he honed his communication and interpersonal skills as the nature of his employment involved meeting people. Following this, Leroy entered the hospitality industry as customer satisfaction has always been his paramount focus, and it was during this period that he built bridges and developed strong relationships with people from the world over.

Leroy has a passion for community work and actively seeks opportunities to serve the community around him. One of the many community outreach programmes he promotes is soccer training with university students living in his vicinity. His passion and goal is to make a difference in the lives of young people through sports.

In 2016, he took up the challenge of a career switch to being a Boarding Parent at Westlake International School. This decision was one that he has not regretted as it has spurred him on to invest in the lives of young people. Students who have been under his care testify to how he, together with his wife, have left a lasting impression upon them. “Listening to understand” is Leroy’s motto in life, and he believes where love is, grace abounds!