Westlake International School Malaysia


Address from Principal

Dear Parent,Thank you for choosing our childcare for your child. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to Westlake Childcare Center.Our daycare program works on the Montessori Method of Education. This method was founded by Dr. Maria Montessori when she started her first school called ‘Casa de Bambini’ in Rome in 1908. We hope that through our effort we would be able to introduce you and your child to the Montessori Method of Education which looks at providing your child a head start in education.In line with our desire to provide quality schooling and daycare for your child at our facility, we would like parents to read through our ‘Parent’s Little Handbook’ in order for you to know more about our program and how you and your child can benefit fully from this program. Please read our Enrolment Policy and Agreement for these details during registration.We look forward to working with you, the parent/ guardian for the school year ahead.Thank you.Sandra Lee Principal


Dr. Montessori created her environment based on her observation of the children. When she started the Casa di Bambini in 1907, she had already qualified as a doctor and her experience from the psychiatric clinic was all she had with her to work with. Little did she know that the chance to start the Casa di Bambini was to have a life changing effect for the future of early childhood education.Here at Westlake Childcare we hold true to the Montessori philosophy by making observation a crucial part of our teaching and learning philosophy at Westlake Childcare.

Curriculum Structure

The various Montessori materials used at Westlake Childcare gives each child an opportunity to build their understanding of the experiences they have from around them.Activities of Everyday Living are explored to give them the skill they need to function everyday like learning how to serve themselves, how to wait for their turn, how to carry materials, how to hold and cut with a small scissors or perhaps even just to wear their own clothes.The sense education provides the child with opportunity to use their senses to learn about their environment that will help them to build upon the senses they are receiving from around them.Language and Mathematics are taught through the use of materials that gives them a head start in early language literacy and early maths.


WCC Timetable
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Provision for Childcare

Parents must provide their child’s necessary needs. These may include:

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